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At Sly Scholar Multimedia we are known for design. You’ll receive inspired, effective, intelligent work for your brand with designs stunning enough to help gain and move customers!

Sly Scholar is located in Stockton, CA and serves the Central Valley and Bay Area in from Web Development to Photography. Sly Scholar promise to you is to provide speedy and quality work with the most competitive bundles. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses backed by thousands of hours of experience in what customer's want. Let Sly Scholar brand your content in a combination of different ways such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content. We also specialize in traditional forms of printed or hand-produced material such as promotional flyers, business cards, T-shirt design, and logos.



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A former Marine of 4 years and current Sole Owner of Sly Scholar Media! While originally attending the Art Institute of San Francisco; Sly, decided to pursue graphic design!. He has collaberated with other freelancers and entreprenuers to designed over 200+ logos and designs for various businesses and local artists!

Sly is a family man, gamer, and sports fan! His favorite music is Alternative, Rock, R&B, and Rap!

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